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Nadia S. Verified Buyer

Solved my 5 years skin problems

I used to have pimples when i started working due to stress, tried different products available in pharmacies to no avail. some work ok first 2 mths, after that pimple will show up again. Signed up for expensive facial package b4 wedding, my skin condition was improved but need to maintain facial & use the spa products which costs a lot. spa closed down after that & left me to search for another solution. got a baby, got chicken pox from my baby when she’s 7 mths old & scars all over my face & body to boot. a colleague suggest me to use secretleaf argan oil for the scars but only few pharmacies sell it. thank god they have an online store! a lot of improvements can be seen after that. no more chicken pox scars & my pimples that constantly evades my face every month is no longer there! people noticed & complements! decided to try other secretleaf products such as the facial soap & moisturizers. no regrets! each product give me satisfaction after trying. will not change to other brands now! i’m a life-long fan of secretleaf!! hope it will continue producing the best skincare for people with skin problems like me. 🙂