Herbawhite Natural Lightening Toner

wpid-wp-1446441624453.jpegSangat bagus..kulit rasa lagi halus,tidak berminyak dan parut jerawat pun pudar.yang penting masalah jerawat akibat daripada tersalah pakai produk kecantikan sebelum ini dapat diatasi – Nurhaziani H.

Kulit Terasa Lebih Lembap & Bersih – HADIYAWATI M.

Best n sedap baunye! – Nur A.

Herbawhite Natural Lightening Toner is a multifunctional toner with 4-in-1 benefits: skin lightening, moisturizing, pore minimizing & skin detox. It is formulated with 98% natural ingredients, and without alcohol. This valuable toner combined naturally-derived plant and mineral active ingredients from Japan, Korea and France that work wonders on all skin types.

Powerful skin lightening active Herbawhite from Korean plant extracts has been proven in-vitro to lighten pigmentation, scars and dark spots up to 40% lighter, as well as to brighten overall skin tone for a fairer, more radiant skin. A special type of mushroom from France formulated into this toner not only helps moisturizes skin which is very critical after cleansing step, but also helps minimizing enlarged pores thus controlling oily skin. To further enhance skin moisturization, a natural amino acid sodium PCA is included to maintain healthy and supply skin all day long. Finally, an exceptional blue gemstone Malachite act as detox element to neutralize toxins and free radicals from skin, providing everlasting youthful, beautiful skin.

In summary, Herbawhite Natural Lightening Toner helps

♥ Lighten dark spots, scars and pigmentation

♥ Minimize enlarged pores

♥ Control excessive oil on skin especially on T-zone (nose and forehead)

♥ Balance uneven skin tone

♥ Helps neutralizes free radicals and aid in skin detoxification process

♥ Firm up overall skin contour

♥ Reduce appearance of skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles

♥ Moisturize and provide skin with nutrient and minerals

Whatsapp Nora 0183568306 to get your Herbawhite Natural Lightening Toner


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